Kevin Jolly was pleased with another impressive performance but was apologetic over the delays, “The start of today’s meeting was not what we wanted, and I would like to apologise to everybody for the delay which was unacceptable. I would also like to thank Chris Hunt and his Kent team for their patience and backing as we tried to remedy the situation as best as possible.

Once we finally got going I think the fans saw some excellent speedway especially from our number one Josh Bailey who will excite supporters whereever he goes with his ability to pass riders inside or outside, his rides in heats six and fifteen were out of the top drawer just like those at the Isle of Wight on Thursday. Jordan (Jenkins) scored his first full maximum and I am sure there will be many more to follow and again it was great to see Sam (Bebee) put in such a positive performance on his return to his home track.’


‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers 57
Jordan Jenkins 15 (5 rides), Josh Bailey 12+1 (5), Drew Kemp 9+2 (4), Danny Ayres 8 (4), Ryan Kinsley 5+2 (4), Sam Bebee 5+1 (4) and Matt Marson 3+1 (4)

Kent 'Slyde' Kings 33
Jack Thomas 8+1 (5), Luke Bowen 8 (5), Anders Rowe 5+1 (4), Alex Spooner 4+1 (5), Nathan Stoneman 4 (4), Taylor Hampshire 3 (4) and Jacob Clouting 1+1 (3)