Kevin Jolly spoke of a difficult couple of days, he said “Wednesday was the type of evening that hits you hard, not only losing two of our own lads but the horrible injuries to Mitchell Davey rocked us all. I have spoken to Mitchell and am very pleased to say he is in fine spirits and although his injuries are severe thankfully they are not as bad as initially feared. We all send our very best wishes to him for a full recovery.

Jordan should be leaving hospital today but I would guess he is out for around four to six weeks. Sam, who came off in the same incident as Davey, may miss two to three weeks with hat is a suspected fractured wrist but he has movement in it today which is good news. That said you never know with these lads they heal quickly and both are hoping to with the team on Sunday.

James, Phil and I have discussed our options and although guests can work it is not my favoured way to go and we want very much to keep the strong tight spirit that has built up in the group and felt Danny was the perfect fit. That said we cannot use him on Sunday so have drafted in Anders Rowe who knows us well as a club and will be just fine”
Sundays Teams -

Buxton ‘Hitmen’
1. Ben Wilson 8.05, 2. Corban Pavitt 3.00, 3. David Wallinger 5.64, 4, Tom Woolley (C) 6.47, 5. Connor Coles (R/R) 6.75, 6. Kieran Douglas 3.00, 7. Lewis Whitmore 3.00

Mildenhall ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers
1. Josh Bailey 8.87, 2. Sam Bebee (R/R) 3.00, 3. Anders Rowe (G) 7.19 4. Ryan Kinsley 4.53, 5. Danny Ayres 8.38, 6. Drew Kemp 3.00, 7. Matt Marson 3.00